About this site
It must have been the summer of 1984 when I first laid eyes on the car I would want to own, no matter what. It's lines were like I had never seen before and I had to control the 'I have got to have it feeling' untill 2003, when in Mai I was able to purchase my Ferrari 308 GTSi QV.
When I cleared my garage preparing to make my wish come true, I was confronted with all the questions every buyer was facing.
Yeah, my Ferrari 308 GTS QV ...  Having fun ? Mwah ..
What to look for when buying one ?
Which models, which engines, what prices, whatever ?
It took me quite some time & effort to find the information I needed, scanning so many different websites.
So, eventually, being impatient and all, I just bought the car with a minimum of relevant knowledge found on the sites I show on this site.
Check them out for yourselves.
So I made a nice & simple website for it, so you can enjoy what's on the web about the 'finest sportscar ever build'.
Well there will allways be room for disagreement in that view, but if you disagree, you're probably on the wrong website here ;-) .